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Atlas Rising: What the Relaunching of Facebook’s Ad Platform Means for Everyone

C-533In case you missed it, Facebook has relaunched its advertising platform, Atlas. In case you really missed it, Facebook had a cool name for its advertising platform.

The new version of Atlas brings with it a ton of opportunities for marketers and will change how Facebook is leveraged.

For Marketers: Cross-Device Targeting

The first update will allow marketers to target their ads cross-device, ensuring ads can be targeted to user’s device.

An example would be one like this: A user sees an ad on their smartphone and completes their purchase through their laptop top, or vice versa. Then marketers would be able to monitor the effectiveness of these ads and modify their strategy accordingly.

See, a gap has always existed in effectively and efficiently tracking a user’s flow from mobile to desktop, or really anytime a user moves from one digital scape to another. Atlas is promising to bridge that gap and give marketers all the information they could ever want.

For Marketers: Offline Tracking

Speaking of gaps in tracking abilities, one of the trickier measurables to…well…measure…has been how online impressions accurately affect offline purchases. Correlations can be concluded, but direct figures with definitive statistics have always existed in a bit of a foggy area within social analytics.

Atlas, once again, promises to make this connection for marketers.

But, Facebook hasn’t gone into great detail about how any of this this will occur. Which makes perfect sense, because the social network has no need to show its hand on this matter.

For Facebook: Helping Themselves While Helping Marketers

Don’t think for a second here that Facebook is simply creating a tool for the betterment of marketers and the users they are attempting to reach.

The plight of any social network that has gone public is displaying that it can do one thing: Make money.

However, impressions and interactions don’t always directly correlate to money. With Atlas, Facebook is not only helping marketers solidify their data for more insightful business decisions, they are helping themselves.

With Atlas, Facebook is hoping to show the direct impact posts, advertisements and social engagement on their network has for businesses.

For Users: Targeted to Death

Already, you can’t look for shoes online without having the same pair appear in an ad within your newsfeed.

Users can expect this to occur at a higher frequency and even more intense level of personalization across the web. Atlas, or at least the idea of it, will become the standard to which all of the big social networks will follow.

Users interacting with brands or products through social networks can expect their timelines to fill up with more content on these brands and products. But not just your desktop timeline, it will be on your smartphone and tablet and anywhere else in the digital scape.


The true test of Atlas is not going to be whether it shows the numbers Facebook needs to keep investors pleased. The true test will be how users’ interactions are impacted and (if negatively) how much they will tolerate Atlas’ capabilities.

TempoIQ: Unlocking SEO and Content Potential

If you haven’t heard of the Chicago-based database service provider TempoIQ, you should have.

TempoIQ is start-up focused solely on providing database solutions where alerts, notifications and overall monitoring of database health, service and strength can be accomplished in one-single customized location.

These solutions lead to a “Hell Yeah” response to the question “Are they successful” when you see they have had business with NinjaBlocks, Brightergy and Icelab.

As such, TempoIQ gets a lot of things right with its website and the content presented there. Like I said at the beginning, you should have heard of these guys, what with recently being in the news for a complete renaming of their company.

But, outside of stories like this one, or other back-linked articles, TempoIQ isn’t leveraging their site, SEO and content to their fullest potential. So, you should have heard of them, but you probably haven’t. Read more…

Blogging Will Never Die…Well Not Never…Ok, Just Not Soon

Writer - ScrittoreCalling for the death of any type of media has been going on since the beginning of creating media. Read more…

The Power of an Offline Connection

Riot Fest is coming up and I am pretty jacked about it. The line up is insane, overbearing and total amazing. I remember going to Riot Fest when it was one night, at the Congress and biggest band that played was the Lawrence Arms (maybe it was someone else…can’t really remember it…because…well…you know, beer.)

And this spectacle has continued to grow and grow to becoming one of Chicago largest’s (and often called “best”) music festivals. In case you didn’t know, Chicago has a shit load of festivals during the summer, and some massive ones like Lollapalooza. 

But the thing that is most exciting thing about Riot Fest is my older brother is coming in to town to go to the festival with me. 

Yes, I have known my brother all my life, which is a ridiculous sentence to write. He was around before me, and we are friends outside of our brotherly obligations toward one another. 

And one of the things you learn about someone as you get to know them over the years is their ability to use technology. 

Josh hasn’t always had the highest of proficiencies when it comes to adoption technology or even just using it. 

But prior to Riot Fest this year, I have received almost daily posts on my Facebook page of the bands playing. The bands we have seen and yet to see. The ones we are excited about and the ones we laugh about. 

The fact he is posting frequently on Facebook is significant. He isn’t a hermit and posts regularly, but “frequently” would not be the word to describe his Facebook habits. These posts, however, are different. 

He posts, and I like. The actions seem simple, but the connection means so much more. There are entire conversations had that never appear on a timeline. There are looks, laughs and jokes made that never show up in a comment box. There are beers had that aren’t tagged with what type they are or where they were consumed. We eat too much food to even mention.

He posts, and I like. And when you know someone as long as I have known my brother, all you need is a simple action to signify the deeper connection, one that can’t appear anywhere except in the minds and hearts of the ends of that connection. 

So, this year, I will go to Riot Fest with my best friend, my brother. And we will share images, tags and posts about all the bands we see, food we eat and drinks we have. 

But the moments in between will be for us. And that is why I am excited about Riot Fest this year. 

100 Happy Days

I like to think of myself as an overall positive person. Sure, I hate most people, and sure I find most people to lack any sort of intelligence or common sense to navigate this world effectively and properly.

However, I am all for helping those in need, regardless of their circumstance (or my level of frustration), because you should help people when you can. Even the littlest of action can cause a massive ripple in someone’s day, week, month or even their life.

And we should try to do those things with everyone we come in contact on this beautiful, pale blue dot we call Home.

So, interestingly enough, I was proposed with a challenge from my girlfriend.

“Let’s do the 100 Happy Day challenge! And let’s do 100 consecutive days of physical activity.”

A negotiation process ensued. Contracts were signed to avoid litigation in the future. However, we came to a conclusion, being mindful, appreciative and loving all the time is an insanely difficult task. We get caught up in our day-to-day. We get made at traffic. We worry about money. We yell at the TV or get upset at family.

What we miss is the amazing sunset view from the car. We forget about all the food we have, because we do have money. We forget real, honest conversations don’t come from The Real Housewives. And we forget some of the most amazing people in our lives have been there since day one.

So, this challenge is to not forget the day-to-day activities. But take time to look around and find something beautiful in this world. It isn’t a difficult task to take. I am on day 5 of this challenge. Only 95 more days to go. The exercise component doesn’t concern me too much, as part of the agreement is sometimes “activity” constitutes a long walk through the neighborhood, which is relaxing and coincides with the idea of this challenge.

I am going to try and write more about the days too, as part of the challenge. Below are some of the images from these first five days. I am taking pictures every day of something I find to make to make me happy in this life. I am hoping I don’t miss a day during this whole thing, but we shall see how we do. Cheers everyone.

#100HappyDays. The Lawrence Arms.

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#100happydays Early morning workout #ftw

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