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Why I hate it when people say they are ‘living the dream’

Or “living the life” or any other number of variations of the same concept.

And you may say, “But Kyle, people are expressing their joy for the life they have, shouldn’t that just be good enough.”

And I will reply with a definite, “No.”

Here is my logic on this. If you are truly living your dream, you haven’t dreamed hard enough.

Dreams are meant to unattainable, that is why they are called dreams and not reality. I can’t levitate in reality. I dream of the I can hover instead of walk to places, but that is what makes is so freaking cool.

Likewise, if your dream is working a 9-5 job that pays decent enough to supply your binge drinking weekends, then I think we need a sit me down and discuss the possible daddy issues you have. Not even possible issues, you have them.

So, think about this the next time you begin to say it. Ask yourself, “Is this life really the life I dreamed about?”

It isn’t meant to be depressing, because once you differentiate your dreams from your reality, you can appreciate the attainable a little bit more. Then you can start going in the direction of what your dreams really mean.

I mean, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a hold of the general concepts of your dreams, but blatantly saying you are living the life is just foolish. You are living your life and that is better than any incoherent dream sequence ever.

When you are living the dream, you have nothing more to dream about in this world.


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