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Murdoch’s Fall from Grace

The sensationalism of Fox News during the Obama Administration’s first iteration has been nothing short of just that, sensational.

Bogus headlines, flat-out lies and the constant perpetuation of misinformation have led to a different type of news source in the U.S. It has been shown in studies, that viewers will only gravitate toward news sources that they believe follow their views.

Viewers do not want “Fair and Balanced” unless that fairness and balance directly falls into their bias. So, Fox News is – media at its finest, and journalism at in its worst form.

But all of this was conducted by a CEO who was routinely hands-off. And by hands-off, I mean, the man Rupert Murdoch steered Fox News and other new outlets under his helm into a right-wing juggernaut.

The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and other outlets have continued their right-leaning position in the years since News Corp. bought them. Whereas some objectivity may have existed, with slight leans, these outlets are leaning so far now, they look like Michael Jackson in “Smooth Criminal.”

Now, all of this is receiving more attention, as New Corp. finds itself in a corner for advocating the actions of a phone hacking scandal from the now defunct New of the World.

The phone hacking scandal, for those not informed, has shaken the world of journalism, as the News of the World hacked and tried to hack countless cell phones owned by celebrities, politicians regular civilians and the culmination coming from the hacking of a murder victim.

Now, arrests are being made. Now, action is being taken. As these actions are illegal, these movements almost come too little too late.

Rebekah Brooks, former  Chief Executive of News International (owned by Murdoch), has recently been arrested for her involvement in the hacking scandal. She is the tenth of these kinds of arrests.

But the issue I have is that New of the World was the top-selling “newspaper” in England. Fox News is the highest watched “news” outlet in America.

Sensational is not always the best thing, in fact it is the worst thing. Because as we, the public, begin to lean toward more sensational headlines and more sensational stories, journalists will take more sensational actions to keep that pace up for us. They will cut corners, cheat and lie as much as they can.

But those that do that are no longer journalists. They are the bane in the world of journalism, and deplorable.

Likewise, as organization that allows these actions is more so disgusting. Anyone who thinks Murdoch was unaware of these actions is naive.

This fall from journalistic integrity wasn’t just one journalist, it wasn’t just one editor, it wasn’t just one executive. It was a culture bred from the top down. This fall came from less about providing facts and more about making money.

Murdoch shut down News of the World quickly, because ties exist between what happened in England and what goes on here in the U.S. He is afraid, and he should be.

Murdoch should be afraid, because somewhere, a true journalist is following leads, and writing. Writing a story that will take down the empire of lies and sensationalism Murdoch has built.


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