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CNN Seriously Sucks

I don’t know if you have watched the insane debacle that has become the CNN 24-newscast, but their website was one redeeming quality. It was filled with good content, rarely anything that filled the airwaves.

However, their Opinions that they placed on the website routinely held an air of, how do I say this, idiocy rarely seen.

Often these opinion piece would stem from their correspondents or “experts” that often shared these “valid” opinions on their television outlet.

But now, David Gergen (who has the personalty of a wet shoe) wrote this opinion piece on how the U.S. needs a leader like Winston Churchill.

So, several reasons exist for why this analogy/wish is ridiculously stupid.

One, the financial shit-hole the U.S. is in, is hardly a comparable instance to the Nazis bombing the fuck out of our country.

Two, leaders like Churchill couldn’t exist in our world today.

Yes, the era of Churchill was not that long ago, I get that. However, with the Internet’s ability to dig up as much crap on people as it can, and subsequently allowing everyone to have an opinion make for a political environment no politician could successfully endure.

Three, why ask for something gone by in time? I don’t want Churchill, I want something better.

Old dogs always want old day back. However, the old days would not cut it today.

We need better than Churchill. We need better than Obama. We need better than America if we wish to still sit at the top of the hill.


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