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Why People Love Social Media

Ok, so one of the things I am working on is a fairly minor project. Well, minor in technical heavy lifting, major in image awareness.

That is one of those things that some people will never grasp. They think a nice suit, a nice tie and a firm hand shake will help on the up-keep of your image.

And in some circles, that is the hot damn truth. However, since most of America is not stuck in lower Manhattan, the Gold Coast, Hollywood or Washington D.C. So, we manage ourselves differently.

Maybe manage is the wrong word here, but I have written about how basically every time you post on a social media outlet, you are managing your image.

But that is what makes social media so great. That’s what makes blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and countless other outlets fantastic. We are us on them. Whether it is an image we are projecting, or honest-to-God us, social media is about me. It’s about you. It’s about all of us, pounding away on a mechanical keyboard filled with circuits and chips, bit and bytes, ones and zeros. It’s about turning that sterile, inhuman technology, into a living breathing idea.

Then that idea connects with one person. Who then responds back to the initial person. This tails spins into more people joining the conversation, and why shouldn’t they?


I have talked to more people in my lifetime than I can comprehend. I may not have seen them all face to face, but they were people. So often, we forget as we become “keyboard warriors” attacking those liberals, conservatives, idiots or intellects in discussion forums, we forget that at the end of these bits and bytes, at the end of every Internet connection, sits a person.

Social media, may be about “me,” but I like to think that as begin to manage our image awareness more, we all begin to understand it is, always will be, about us.


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