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Been awhile

Ok, so it has been more than a month since I last posted something. I know, I am breaking the cardinal rule of a blog, which is frequency of content. But hey, a man gets busy from time to time.

In honor of the time past let’s just go over some items that have happened, and/or what I have thought lately.

1. Walking tacos are a joke, especially the ones I had this weekend.

2. Wind is overrated, even for kite flying.

3. My big project is complete, for the most part. Relieved does not begin to describe how I feel.

4. I haven’t talked to my older brother in more than a month. I bothered with this statistic.

5. I talk too much and say very little all at once. Another statistic I am having issues with these days.

6. Chuck Taylor’s are great shoes, but awful for a day of walking.

7. Music will and forever be a refuge for me. I should probably learn to play some instrument soon.

8. Occupy Wall Street is a great movement. I need to go to Occupy Chicago. This is the fight of our lives for my generation. Standing together is the only option these days, at least that’s how it feels.

9. BG’s football team will always disappoint. All Ohio sports teams do this, actually.

10. I miss candid conversations.

11. I miss the wind on a flat piece of land. So, maybe wind isn’t that overrated.

12. I don’t miss wind burn or dried out lips though.

13. I have successfully twice ignored talking to THE ex. Proud of myself for that statistic. (As I typed this out, she tried it again. Funny how she knows I am talking about her.)

14. I want a road bike. And I want to cruise through the city.

15. I find that I prefer a place where no one knows who I am. I also find that I don’t necessarily need company to enjoy a place.

16. I prefer company though.

17. I need to find a beach, and sit there for about a week. I like the idea of lots of drinks with little, dorky umbrellas

18. Maintaining your image is important. Maintaining you is more important. Maintaining others is the most important thing you can do as a man.

19. I miss writing, and need to get back to my routine. I think a short story is due.

20. Twitter is better than Facebook. There, I said it.

21. Live shows of bands will always be the best way to consume music.

22. I am getting older. While I am ok with this in theory, my body seems to be telling me lately, “This kind of suck dude.”

23. Running is awesome, and I miss cruising through my area of my city. Wherever that is.

24. I forgot how good of shape I use to be in, and hopefully, I will be in better shape soon.

25. I hope heaven looks like Bowling Green. Of course, I am making the assumption here that hell would look like Toledo. Or worse, Detroit. (shivers)

26. My dad is one of my heroes and challenges me to be better than him every day. He doesn’t explicitly say this, but I know him. And he is just daring me to do better. My brothers do the same and are heroes to me as well.

So, those are just some of the things I have been meaning to spend 250-500 words on, but did not get the chance to. I will try to get on this more, as I will no longer have the free time I once had. So, if I want to get back into this, I have to just do it.



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