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Self-destruction is best served unknowingly

I have had a few wake up calls in my fairly short life to realize that when you are destroying yourself, you never realize it.

Several cases of self-destruction have popped up into the media recently.

Watching Herman Cain’s message machine fumble about is entertaining, but watching Rick Perry fumble over the English language is embarrassing.

The debacle at Penn State is just outright disgusting. In that situation, it was one man’s actions that led to countless other men’s inactions, which has led to several cases of self-destruction.

The thing about the Penn State issue, once you see the full path to where it is now, it isn’t hard to comprehend how it got so out of control. It isn’t hard to comprehend how men could be filled with so much cowardice. But man is a fickle being.

The up-and-ups were watching their own skin. They did not care that a potential predator was on the loose. They did not care that, according to the court documents, eight victims will forever be traumatized by one man. They did not care that all of this happened under their watch.

They cared about how things looked to those who had no idea. They wanted a secret to remain in the shadows. They wanted icons and athletes to still come to the university. They wanted prestige.

I understand mistakes, and I have made plenty. I have made situations worse by trying to help. I get that people aren’t perfect.

However, JoePa and the like, while trying to potentially save the name of the university all those years ago, simply began then to drag it into the ground.

People think his legacy of success will rise above it, and for him, that is probably true. But what child is going to go to this school now? What parents will send their student-athlete to a program that knowingly hid allegations of child-molestation?

This isn’t buying cars with booster money, or trading rings for tattoos, or taking athletes out for fancy dinners, or bending all the NCAA rules to recruit athletes. This isn’t a university padding grades or offering incentives to faculty to let their athletes have a little slack. This is a university that hid criminal allegations of child molestation. Paterno was involved, the coaching staff was involved and the top-tier of the university was involved in hiding this information. They all knowingly did this.

What they unknowingly did was destroy themselves. And they deserve it.



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