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Words and things of that nature

One of the most pleasurable experiences in this world, at least for me, is language.

Inflection, enunciation, grammar and syntax are things of beauty. They are also things to be revered, respected, studied and practiced. I write how I talk, which has a certain flow to it.

I talk quickly. So, I write in manner that can be read easily and quickly. However, the written word is different from the spoken word. Focusing on the someone like Shakespeare, you can see how spoken word can appear so differently on paper.

Reading Shakespeare in your head is daunting. Saying the words out loud as you read is to hear eloquence, even if your delivery is nowhere near Kenneth Branagh.

But, it is the word that makes the difference. It is how we use the word, where we place the word in sentences, and how we place punctuation around the word. The word is spoken throughout the world. We organize sentences differently, we use different pronunciations, dialects and language.

We, as humans, may use all of these things differently, but we use them all for the same purpose.


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