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It’s been a long time, been a long time. Been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time

I had to put the full line in the title, because what the hell? Why not?

My last post was made when SOPA was still relevant, and it seems that the RIAA and MPAA continue to try and slip parts of those bills in to other bills. It seems they stranglehold they have on the industries just isn’t tight enough. (They don’t actually have a true stranglehold and are more attempting to hang on to any kind of relevancy as industry leaders.)

Which continues to bring up amazing and interesting conversations on what and where the industry of original content is going hypothetically and realistically.

More and more news outlets are going to a “paid subscription” online model. Ten articles for free in the month, but to read anymore, you got to pay.

Gaming companies continue to push DRM on all their products in an attempt to stop illegal replication of their products on to multiple machines.

And, as previously mentioned, larger entities are attempting to leverage Congress to maintain their products “integrity.” (Have you seen a Michael Bay film? Integrity goes right out the window.)

So, the world seems to be gravitating toward a realm of tight control, where the large content creators, producers and “owners” continue to dictate how consumers, well, consume their products.

But then you have the amazing connection the Internet brings to everyone.

Louis CK, famous standup comedian, tv show star and other things, took it upon himself to dump his production/distribution/controllers and release his own standup digital content on his own.

He wracked in massive amounts of cash by doing this. He isn’t the only one, as more and more of the actual talent in the entertainment industry begins to run their own images/brand/company, they are finding out that if they make a quality product, people will buy it.

Stripping DRM off of the content also displays a sort of trust to this generation of consumers. They trust us to buy their stuff, they aren’t locking it down and hiding behind an army of lawyers waiting for people to illegally download their content. They trust consumers to be buyers.

This is a welcome trend across all aspects and concepts of what “content” is and should be for consumers. So, watch as the Titans of Industry hang on to their valuables, as the other, lesser gods just continue to give fire to the people.



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