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The Power of Technology

I do love my technology. As anyone who follows me on Twitter, or is a friend on Facebook, they know I like my social media. I like my gadgets, my 1080 dpi, my software, my hardware.

But it is funny how often these change, how they evolve. And we are the driving force behind this evolutionary process. Some people get downtrodden by the world of technology and all the changes that seemingly appear to be happening.

I find it thoroughly enjoyable and amazing. Because through these contraptions I have become much closer to my universe, while being completely separated from it.

Here, I came from the world of journalists. A nomadic people, who hop form one job to one job, until they find the job that fits their needs, desires and skills perfectly. For the most part.

But during my hopping around, although limited, I have found that not a lot of people do what I have, or others have. People are born, then raised in their home town.

They go to college, sometimes, far away. They spend a few years working here and there. Then they come back home. They still have all the same friends, drive the same streets, and go to all the same places.

It is comfortable. It is home.

So, what I have come realize is that through technology, I can still have all that and do my own thing out here away from all the same friends, all the same streets and all the same places.

I can see what my parents are doing, talk to them face to face. I miss them, terribly. But, technology has made this possible. Whereas before, phone calls were the only means of communication.

Now I can post, email, call, Skype, tweet and other means of communication with all of my family.

Not only that, but I can keep track of my old friends, and keep them from being friends I use to talk to from time to time. Which is what bothers me the most when people rip social media or technology.

Our inclination to build things that bring humanity closer together, no matter the distance, no matter the person, gives me a driving hope. It gives me hope that one day, my children will venture out in to the world and not fear their new friends, all the new streets and all the new places they will see.

Because they know they can see the same old home, the same old living room and the same old man anytime.


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