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When Will We Talk About Our Problems

Is it me, or does America seem to almost have an abusive relationship with itself?

You know the kind, no one likes your boyfriend because he is a druggie, beats and belittles you constantly, but you can totally “see the good” in him that no one else sees?

We are kind of like that in this country. We have so many great things that make America in my opinion the greatest country in the world. Yet, we have so many faults that we continue to ignore. We would rather let politicians and slanted media continually perpetuated messages that agree with our (often) limited viewpoint and beliefs as opposed to having honest and open dialogue about how to make America even greater.

Discussion No. 1 – Can we all agree to stop shooting each other? I mean, we can at least come to that conclusion right? I haven’t met one person yet who enjoys being shot at, so it is safe to say we all could come to the logical conclusion that since I don’t like it, maybe other wouldn’t appreciate it so much if I did it to them.

We had Aurora a few weeks ago, now a Sikh temple was attacked and 21 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago, which you apparently need a bazooka to simply enter the city limits.

Chicago’s violence stems from gang-related activity, which seems to simply be a cyclical death knell for urban growth and development. How can anything progress when the youth is routinely being shot at or living in areas where the fear of even ricochet exists?

The Sikh temple appear to be instigated by the shooter’s racist beliefs. Until further evidence it can only be speculation, but the current evidence is pointing in that direction.

And the Aurora shootings were done by an insane man.

Discussion No. 2 – The above sentences show that violence in this country not stem from one distinct area. It isn’t all gang related, it isn’t all racially based and it isn’t all committed by the truly and legally insane. Some would argue that committing or even attempting murder makes you insane to a degree, and that may be true. But many murders have had sound minds while committing their acts of violence.

They just didn’t care about the consequences.

Discussion No. 3 – There is a common theme, however. We live in a society where our differences are constantly pushed in our faces. I am different from you and you are different. And not only are you different from me, but that makes you bad and wrong because you aren’t like me and don’t believe all the things I believe.

Take this, and then mix in the 24-hour media news cycle of fear, fear and more fear and you have a system set up to perpetuate violence.

We also have a culture that glorifies violence. The hero doesn’t solve issues with dialogue, conversation and decorum. He goes down in a blaze of glory or takes out all of his opposition and gets the girl.

It is such a massive subject to take on, from the way we demonize those with mental issues to the way we just don’t talk about gang violence here in Chicago. Shit, I have talked to many people about it. “That’s Chicago for you.”

Why the fuck is this acceptable? “That’s just the way my abusive boyfriend is,” is something we would defend against, even it wasn’t our personal issue.

Yet, this is our country. And this is personal. So, let’s begin talking about we can do to make this country better and safer for all our citizens, not just some of them.

Because, as much as we want to see our differences first, the truest common factor here is that we are all Americans. We should continue to solidify the idea that we are a nation of diverse and many people who sees the world differently and have varying opinions on everything. We need to understand all those differences and begin to push the point that we are united as a country and one of the most despicable acts you can take it to enact violence on a fellow countryman, let alone another human being.


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