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Curiosity Killed the Cat. Luckily, the Cat Had Nine Lives

How awesome was it that America sent a car-sized rover to Mars?

Wait, you didn’t’ hear about it? Liar. It was everywhere, and not since the last shuttle launch or when the Challenger disaster occurred (which I don’t remember but was alive for) has there been this type of coverage for a NASA project.

Think about it. A car-sized rover was launched. In to space. To land on Mars. And not just any part part, but a specific part of the Red Planet.

I don’t know what the equivalent would be to properly correlate something of this nature, but I must say it is fucking awesome.

I once wrote about how the ending of the Space Shuttle program spelled the inevitable doom for this country. No, not Harry Potter or the gays are out downfall as society, but our demonizing of education and ignorance toward science have seemingly limited our ability to dream as  country and connect as people.

Then, we landed on Mars with the largest rover to date.

And it is named Curiosity, of Mars Science Laboratory officially. But think about that name. It packs so much in it for who we are as people. For too long we looked at the sky, and said the moon was enough. It wasn’t and it never should be.

We even look to the mysteries of subatomic particles to see how we can better understand our world, and ourselves. The hunt for the Higgs Boson isn’t over, even though compelling evidence has shown itself for the first time since the particle’s existence was proposed.

I don’t know when contentment will kick in my mind. That some day I will just say, “This is good enough.”

But programs like the Large Hadron Collider and the Mars Science Laboratory leave me in hope that even though I may seem contentment personally, someday, that human race will never give up hope at being better and more knowledgeable than it ever was.


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