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The Weird Thing is…

I love the concept of blogging and even the actual action of it is tons of fun.

I get to share my opinions on events and express who I am all within the very comfort of, well, where ever I am.

Blogging of course isn’t the only realm of self-expression on the Web, it comes in a plethora of formats. From Vlogging to flickr to just the comments sections of news websites, we now have the largest opportunity to share ourselves with the potentially largest audience we will ever meet.

I mean, I have written more than 550 posts (or about that) and they started off with my love and interest of technology and morphed itself in to me just writing about what I wanted to write about, which fucking rules.

But here is the weird thing, even though people read, comment and like my posts, they don’t really know who I am.

The weirdest of this was when my blog was discovered by a group of, we’ll say, “different minded” people. I was ripped for my previous posts on Sarah Palin, and conservatives in general. I was also defended and questioned.

It was a weird situation to be in, and one I have been in before, but not to that extent. My LinkedIn profile was shared, previous employment called in to play and anything I ever said on my Twitter account was questioned.

I do believe in that this form of self-expression, there is a line a that is not crossed. You may read my posts and think you know who I am, but how through such a simple, one-sided interaction can you truly know someone?

We are infinitely complex as people, and event he simplest of folks are incredible in all they know and do. But just because you watch, read or follow someone through technology doesn’t even begin to mean you know who they are.

And that is good. Because, maybe one day, you will actually have the chance to have a real-person dialogue. And, you might get scarred that the person you previously judge and molded into a concept is in fact a real, complex human beings. And you might like them more, or actually not like them. But save the judgement for the real world. We all know the Internet is serious business, however, if you take what I say seriously, you need to get out more.


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