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The Future Does Not Have Cable TV

NBC has proven the mistakes of the past, once again, with its current broadcasting of the Olympics.

Never mind the debacle of the Ryan Seacrest interview in the opening ceremonies, which was played instead of tribute to deaths of British citizens during a terrorist attack.Never mind the constant talking during the opening ceremonies. Never mind the tape delay of all the events, and somehow broadcasting spoilers in their own commercials.

Seriously, those enough are hate worthy for anyone. But this one gets me the most, mostly because it hits me personally.

I must have a cable subscription to watch events online. Never mind the fact that online content also features heavy amounts of advertisements, allows me to watch events live not delayed, and allows me the opportunity to interact with a community of others who wish to follow the content in just an online format.

Now, I have made the argument that an online subscription policy is the way to go for news websites. As they are the distributors and collectors of information, and information is key these days. I see no reason to not monetize those outlets. I still think the biggest mistake news outlets made was telling advertisers their clikthrus rates.

Seriously, no one watches a TV commercial and suddenly is transported to the store. It doesn’t work that way, and online ads don’t work that way. It makes no sense that a website that receives 1 million unique visitors a month would charge $500 for a banner ad, when its print product will charge$5,000 for a full-page color ad when it on;y reaches 15,000 subscribers.

Yes, there are studies that show the overall effectiveness of print and tv versus online, but this is fighting the overall trend that more and more people are simply existing in an online format.

Which makes NBC’s policy all the more infuriating and ignorant. I don’t even have the choice to buy a premium subscription through NBC t0 receive content. Which I would have bought. I just have to a cable subscription. Which I don’t have and won’t get. Which means they missed out on eyes seeing their advertisements, no matter where they placed them.

We see cable tv dying a slow death and, much like the newspaper and television news industry, it is fighting the change of the world because ad sales have been the only means of revenue. The 80/20 model no longer exists. Get over it, adapt and let me watch the fucking Olympics online.


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