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We Built and Tore Down the Middle Class

The Republican National Convention has ended and while there are many critiques of it I can share (Paul Ryan’s erroneous content, Mitt’s inability to not sound like a robot, Clint’s perfect depiction of what the stereotypical GOP member looks like these days) I am rather going to share a future insight to what the Democratic National Convention should hold.

One of the main messages for the GOP during their convention was: We Built That. Cute.

The message for the Democrats convention promises to focus on the economy. This is obviously a risky choice, as the economy continues to grow, at a snails pace, it is an easy target to use against the Obama Administration.

Yet, Democrats will steer the message to the obvious “winning” points of affordable healthcare, saving the car industry in this nation and continued tax cuts for the middle class. What they will avoid is the saving of banks, continued tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans, and their obvious tendency to overspend governmental funds.

Now, let me be clear, I am not saying Obama wasn’t elected in to one of the toughest economic presidencies. With two wars, a housing crisis, a world banking crisis and an unemployment rate soaring, the only thing Obama could have wanted to make his first term more challenging would be to have Nazi’s invade Poland.

Likewise, I am not stating that these challenging conditions write off Obama’s failures in his presidency. Bush didn’t help the cause, but one president’s “shit” is next one’s to “fix.” It has always been that way. You didn’t see FDR giving Harding shit for tanking the country in the 1920s (Harding has been pointed out to being one of the top contributors to the Depression. Not the sole one, but Bush wasn’t the only person contributing to this country’s meltdown either.)

The left has faced a stringent right, who has refused to compromise on many issues. And the left, being the natural pussies they are, have fallen back on the, “But, but, but they don’t want to work with us!” argument.

So, the left does the wrong thing in a compromise. It gives everything up.

How about this, we as a country, as the citizens of this country, got ourselves in to this problem. We elected officials who allowed people to game our system. We elected officials who allowed money to influence everything. We elected officials who care more about saying the right thing as opposed to doing the right thing.

It is obvious that we wanted this to happen, because not only did we elect these people in to these positions, we continued to do it after it was obvious the elected officials were the ones fucking everything up.

The House and Senate are comprised of mostly “law practitioners” who would prefer to argue over the word “the” in a 200 page piece of legislation and then call each other names as opposed to actually the solving problem.

The Democratic National Convention promises to speak about the middle class and the economy. Good points, and I am certain it will all sound fine and dandy at the need of the day. The Convention will also convey plenty of messages I fully agree with, and I will unabashedly show that support.

But their theme, shouldn’t be just on the economy. It should be: God Damn It America, It’s Time to Nut Up.

We need to learn that the word compromise is not a sign of weakness. That one particular set of ideologies under two parties simply pigeonholes discussion on progress.


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