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The Mystery of History

It is funny for me to wrap my head around certain things in my life. For instance, I will never see a Higgs Boson, yet it is around me. I can crush an ant with no remorse and have a bison do the same thing. I am significant and insignificant all at once.

A walking contradiction is what the human race truly is.

So, on a day like today I try to wrap my mind around what happened 11 years ago.

I remember walking through my high school halls, trying to make it to my second period class. I remember all the tvs in the classrooms were on. It was eerily quiet everywhere. But being in high school, I, of course, didn’t care.

I walk in, ask what’s going on.

“Sh, the Trade Center is under attack.”

“Like when it was bombed before,” I asked.

No, the buildings were hit with airplanes. Airplanes with passengers. In to buildings with people.

I watched the first tower fall. I saw the second fall not long after that. I remember the constant misinformation spread through news outlets, because in all the chaos of that day, nothing was right. I remember football practice being canceled, and in my own youthful ignorance, I couldn’t understand why. Attacks happened before, people die every day and life must go on.

It wasn’t until the next day I hated myself for that thought. It does happen every day. It happens all over the world, but nothing like this had occurred since Pearl Harbor. Nothing like this had occurred to America since then.

And it is a sobering moment to realize that my parent’s generation doesn’t really remember Pearl Harbor. But they remember the effects of it. They remember the dominance we displayed as a super power far after the last bullets of World War II were shot. They remember us flexing our weight in Vietnam, and failing. They remember the booms of the economy and the wanes.

There are children born today that will have no concept of what 9/11 is. They will exist in an aftermath of history. And here is the troubling thing. As opposed to rising, we have sunk. We have sunk in to our own fear, our own regret as a nation. We pushed for war and freedom and only enslaved ourselves to our fear.

We thought fighting was the answer. We thought billions in ammunition and bombs would heal the wound that was inflicted on this country.

Yet we still bleed from that wound.

We have replaced the buildings, filled the holes. We have buried the dead, held services and always remember. And with that remembrance and constant reminder of pain comes the fact that we can never heal as a country, as a people. We exist in a time of my life where we have never been more divided as a nation. We have the left blocking the right, and the right reciprocates. We have a nation of people who do not trust their government officials. The same officials the people elected in to positions of leadership.

We spend more and more money on a war win can never win. We lose more and more young soldiers every day for a cause that lost meaning. We have lost our heart.

People call for the death of our president. People call for the death of those who think differently than them, left and right. People are so afraid of something they don’t even understand. When really we fear the darkness in our hearts because we turned out the lights on our own accord.

I was talking to my brother about healthcare reform. And he said something that baffled me.

“It isn’t going to change, so this nice view that everyone should have healthcare, which we all want, is impossible. So why fight for it?”

Here is why, because I am not fighting for me. I am not fighting for my wounds or my scars. I don’t argue with liars and deceivers who push fear on others for my own good. I do it, because the  children that are born today may not remember what 9/11 did to this country. What they will remember is how that event and the years after defined a new generation in this country. Not one that worked together to make a better nation. But one that worked together to tear each other apart.

I am done allowing a country like that to exist. God damn it, you don’t agree with me on politics, that is fucking awesome. Because it is only when we are challenged that we become more than what we are. And this country has seen its darkest hours before, and it will see them again. But what makes this country great, is we are many people, with many faiths and many views and many ideas.

We should cherish that we are not a monochromatic nation, of one people, one faith and one idea. We should never strive for that, no matter how comfortable the idea of agreement can be, civilized disagreement makes us better.

I want a decent world. A better world for the children born today and tomorrow. I don’t want a world that existed the day after 9/11 because that only lasted a single day. I want one where we band together to do what is right for this country; to do what is best for the people of this nation.

That is what we should fight now. Fight for love and compassion of your fellow-man, no matter how different they are or how much they may hate you. Because, it is our time to set history straight. It is our time to show the future generations what we are made of.


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