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What You Are is, in fact, What You Do

One of the most interesting topics I always stumble upon in the PR world is branding.

We are use to seeing what large companies; Apple, Coca-Cola, GM; do with their brand. They create funny, witty, intelligent advertisements, but the brand doesn’t stop their. It continues in to the perceived notion of who should own what created by whoever.

It is easy to see why the types of people who buy Apple products buy Apple products. The company has invested more than just marketing to create their brand. Sales events, design of a product, design and layout of a store, press conferences, conventions, product releases and consumer research all lead to brand creation.

But what about the personal brand? How do you sell you to other people?

Face it, we do it all the time. From a good handshake, to wearing a proper shirt to a correspondingly proper event, we are constantly trying to sell who we are to others.

But what is your brand? What are you trying to sell to others? Lies? Misinformation? Honesty? Politeness? Kindness? Compassion? Hate?

Obviously, these are some basic concepts that evolve in to a more complex truth.

So, I posit the concept that in this day in age, with social media consuming our lives, advertisements obstructing our entertainment, and product placement literally making it to our soles (PF Flyers are one of the reasons I will always wear Chuck Taylors), we are our own brand.

We mold those around us to accept what we are, or we don’t. But the main point is that evening in not doing this sales pitch, we are selling our brand. Our brand is what we do, and what we do is who we are.


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