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The Neverending Facebook

Over the weekend, I partook in watching a film I particularly enjoy. It was a cable, we will get in to that incredible story at a later point, but it is something I have waxed poetic about on this blog previously.

And by my unassuming title, I certain we can all figure out I watched The Social Network.

It still to this day amazes me how blind, ignorant or unacknowledged to the fact that Facebook has not defined a generation, but massively changed the landscape of our world from one where reality no longer exists in three dimensions on a linear projection of time.

It exists in bits and bytes and data and downloads and uploads and sharing and liking and commenting and replying and sending and receiving and deleting and removing and blocking and unblocking and emoticons and many more words that have become actions we take in a virtual world.

This comment popper up on my Newsfeed today: “I’m back. Missed you guys. I thought disabling facebook would make me have more genuine interactions, but actually, I felt more disconnected. I’m into this false reality, I guess. Womp, womp.”

Our technological connections are no longer for just those who know how to program a computer. It is for everyone, and it is more important now than ever we stay connected.

Currently, Facebook has no real competition. That is why they can get away with their new search function even if it fails miserably.

Google+ tried and will eventually receive some action on this network, but not to the extent Facebook has and will continue to.

It just always both excites and irritates me when I see a person’s reaction, such as the comment above, to Facebook.

This is how we make connection in the world now, and we better get use to it. Because soon, our real connections will be through a tube of data and not in the real world.


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