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A Sign of Something


In the last 24 hours, you have probably seen the above image. If not on the Internet, you saw a newscast about this image.

It seems simple to deconstruct, and given the context of our times, is completely easy to see what the hype about this truly is.

The image begins at Human Rights Campaign, an organization in support of gay marriage. They posted the image, which is usually a blue background with a yellow equal sign. They changed it red to symbolize love, which is used often to express the emotion.

So, the image was posted, then reposted by supporters, then posted as profile pictures, then replicated and replicated until this damn image was almost damn near everywhere.

This of course spurred many conversations over the issue at hand, which happens to be a Supreme Court hearing over Prop 8 in California and the Defense of Marriage Act, both which limit marriage as a right for heterosexuals.

With this comes conversations people never had with one another, where support and dissent were openly displayed for all to see. And from what I can gather, there is a lot of support for equality marriage rights.

Of course, you have the awesome detractors of this, my favorite being, “You know the Supreme Court won’t make a decision until they count all the Facebook profile picture changes. #pointless”

This brings up my favorite aspect of social media. One group of people screaming at wall, often never getting any response from anyone, and then those who see it and go scream at their wall, often getting no response. If posting the Red Equality sign is frivolous and offers no purpose, the comment stating that is even more worthless.

Still, through the advent of social media we saw an amazing thing yesterday. We saw people band together and show support for a goal that defines America. Where people are free to live how they see fit, and love who they wish to love. Where they can openly express this idea, and have those who disagree with that idea openly as well.

This campaign educated, motivated and opened many people to new ideas of communicating and discussing their opinions on just one subject.

Yesterday was definitely a sign of the times changing, and we aren’t just talking about equal marriage rights for all.



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