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Doing It All Year

I am not one for holidays. I like seeing my family during the holidays, and I like the days I get off from various other holidays throughout the year. I express gratitude on Memorial Day for those who have served, but I don’t give a shit about a tree on Arbor Day.

But the general populace seems to collectively loathe Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t get why everyone needs to show their love for their significant other on just this day. It is so stupid.”

“It is a just Hallmark holiday.”

“This is such a stupid day.”

Now, even when I was single, I didn’t bash Valentine’s Day. It is a great way for some to express their love for one another, or to everybody for that matter.

It is a funny (Valentine – ha!) holiday to me though. Because what people will see are the flowers purchased. They will hear of the nice dinner we went out (and treated each other to). They will hear of the romantic evenings and candles lit all over the house. People hear this, and they are attentive to it.

But what people don’t hear are the hours of conversation about nothing and everything. They don’t see the hand holding, the dropping off and picking up of each other. They don’t hear the comments, “I know you really like those, so I picked them up at the store” or “I got you a new beer to try.”

They don’t know about the hugs that begin every day and the embraces that wait at home after a long day of work. They don’t know about the hours planning to see family and spend time with friends, all the while making sure each other is not feeling left out.

They don’t know about the teamwork, the effort a true relationship take day in and day out to just function let alone feel amazing. And since people don’t post about it every day or talk about it every day, not a lot of people know this about other people’s relationships.

Valentine’s Day is a time of love, and a time for others to share with all the love they have for each other throughout the year. Because, even though it may seem like some people only put an effort in to today, I can assure you many others do this year round.

Now, I have to go and hug a tree. I mean, I have to start giving a shit about trees outside of Arbor Day.


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