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Shaking Up a Ritual

We all have rituals we follow. From which shoe we put on first to the route we take to work.

It is difficult to shake up a routine, ritual or habit for that matter. Yes, I comprehend these words have different definitions and that even ritual may not best fit into this category in its standard definition.

In previous generations, those that went to church, woke up at 5 a.m. every day, worked until 5 p.m. then came home to a house taken care of by the wife, who also worked all day keeping the home in order, ritual was engrained in them as much as their DNA was.

Now, move forward a couple of generations, and you have people who wake up at noon to work the evening shift of a bar, then the next day they have to wake up early to work the day shift.

Being on time is a thing of the past in some professions. Ritual doesn’t have an influence on this generation, seemingly as much as it did for generations previously.

This could be because of pervasive concepts such as a lack of religion, an influx of individuality and an increased idea of “whatever happens, happens.”

Having rituals, habits or routine indicates some sense of knowing you have an influence on the world.

“Today has been a bad day, I knew I should have put my left shoe on before my right shoe, like I always do.”

But without a routine, a habit or ritual, what does the day look like to you?

Does it look cloudy? Unfocused? Maybe a little scary?

Or, does it look open? Unfocused (and that’s cool)? And not scary?

Flip it around, if you don’t have a ritual, what would it be like to start one, even a minor one?

Think about your rituals, habits and routines today. These things can help us get through the day, and even when we think we are just “free birds flying through the air,” we all have something we feel inclined to do, just to make the day go by a little easier.


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