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100 Happy Days

I like to think of myself as an overall positive person. Sure, I hate most people, and sure I find most people to lack any sort of intelligence or common sense to navigate this world effectively and properly.

However, I am all for helping those in need, regardless of their circumstance (or my level of frustration), because you should help people when you can. Even the littlest of action can cause a massive ripple in someone’s day, week, month or even their life.

And we should try to do those things with everyone we come in contact on this beautiful, pale blue dot we call Home.

So, interestingly enough, I was proposed with a challenge from my girlfriend.

“Let’s do the 100 Happy Day challenge! And let’s do 100 consecutive days of physical activity.”

A negotiation process ensued. Contracts were signed to avoid litigation in the future. However, we came to a conclusion, being mindful, appreciative and loving all the time is an insanely difficult task. We get caught up in our day-to-day. We get made at traffic. We worry about money. We yell at the TV or get upset at family.

What we miss is the amazing sunset view from the car. We forget about all the food we have, because we do have money. We forget real, honest conversations don’t come from The Real Housewives. And we forget some of the most amazing people in our lives have been there since day one.

So, this challenge is to not forget the day-to-day activities. But take time to look around and find something beautiful in this world. It isn’t a difficult task to take. I am on day 5 of this challenge. Only 95 more days to go. The exercise component doesn’t concern me too much, as part of the agreement is sometimes “activity” constitutes a long walk through the neighborhood, which is relaxing and coincides with the idea of this challenge.

I am going to try and write more about the days too, as part of the challenge. Below are some of the images from these first five days. I am taking pictures every day of something I find to make to make me happy in this life. I am hoping I don’t miss a day during this whole thing, but we shall see how we do. Cheers everyone.


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