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Blogging Will Never Die…Well Not Never…Ok, Just Not Soon

Writer - ScrittoreCalling for the death of any type of media has been going on since the beginning of creating media.

The newspaper was made. People said it would die. Radio was made. People said it would die. TV was made. People said it would die. And the Internet was made. People still said it would die.

Even certain types of media within the Internet have received the curtain call for years.

Blogging is one of these trades people thought would die off years ago.

Countless posts have beenĀ made about the death of “blogging” and discussed how Millennials don’t read blogs, engage with blogs or even use blogs.

Then sites like Twitter, which is considered a micro-blog site, Tumblr and even video sites like Vine, all structure their content in the way blogs have always structured and delivered their content.

And now, SEO algorithm changes are reinforcing blogging more than ever.

The algorithm changes, which now look for original and organic content created by and written by people (not some programĀ pumping out keyword content), almost forces companies that don’t have a blog to go and get one. And if they have one they aren’t using, to go and start using it.

Blogging has been around since the early ’90s. Iterations and forms existed prior to that, but the concept of a “Web log” didn’t really peak until that time. Users discusses daily activities, opinions and insights. Pretty much what everyone uses blogs for today.

The delivery has changed, appearances have been optimized. But the truth then is the truth now: Content is King.

Blogging is just one way to deliver users content they want to engage with, and countless other avenues exist. But blogging isn’t going anywhere, just like social media won’t, forums won’t and even the newsletter won’t.

Now who wants to talk about the next type of media to die off?


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