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TempoIQ: Unlocking SEO and Content Potential

If you haven’t heard of the Chicago-based database service provider TempoIQ, you should have.

TempoIQ is start-up focused solely on providing database solutions where alerts, notifications and overall monitoring of database health, service and strength can be accomplished in one-single customized location.

These solutions lead to a “Hell Yeah” response to the question “Are they successful” when you see they have had business with NinjaBlocks, Brightergy and Icelab.

As such, TempoIQ gets a lot of things right with its website and the content presented there. Like I said at the beginning, you should have heard of these guys, what with recently being in the news for a complete renaming of their company.

But, outside of stories like this one, or other back-linked articles, TempoIQ isn’t leveraging their site, SEO and content to their fullest potential. So, you should have heard of them, but you probably haven’t.

However, TempoIQ gets a lot of things right where other technology companies get it wrong.

Current Solution: Contact is Easy

Want a demo of TempoIQ’s products and services? This is easy to find, by simply scrolling down the bottom of the page.

TempoIQ is a database monitoring and analytics solutions provider.

Or, click the Contact at the top of the navigation to reach them directly.

TempoIQ is a database monitoring and analytics solutions provider.

Better Solution: Contact is Easy and Informative

A better solution for TempoIQ in this regard is to leverage their location within the city of Chicago.

SEO algorithms are constantly being updated to make local searches more accurate. If someone is searching for “Chicago database monitoring solutions”, having the physical address of your company on the contact page goes a long way.

Also, for lead procurement, the contact form should have options, or buckets, to select what type of message is being sent.

In the craziness of day-to-day grind, a good lead could go missing because it wasn’t flagged automatically upon receiving it.

Current Solution: Free Content

Database monitoring and sensor analytics is an industry where users can (and will) wax poetic on everything from technology updates to industry trends to even education opportunities.

TempoIQ uses their blog to establish their credibility within the industry, and does a great job at leveraging their content to do just that.

They also leverage Tumblr for their blog, but have used CSS to make the blog look and feel like the main site. They have built in Google Analytics into the blog as well in order to traffic user flow and other data to ensure the blog is serving their goals.

Better Solution: Free Content and Not-So-Free Content

Much of the content shared on the blog is insightful, informative and incredibly detailed. So, much so, even (not a database kind of guy) understands it…somewhat.

The issue here is all of this valuable content is being given away for free. And even though Google Analytics is set up on the site, tracking down specific users who may be potential clients is nearly impossible, unless they fill out the contact the form.

However, bundling this content into a white paper or even a case study where users have to enter their name, title, email address and some other information to download the content garners not only a higher chance of engagement but allows TempoIQ to actually see who is interested in what.

Current Solution: SEO Almost There

The blog offers TempoIQ the ability to add original and organic content on their site, which of course SEO algorithms now value more highly than ever before in their history.

However, since the blog’s domain isn’t directly associated with the main website, this new content loses some value.

Also, the meta descriptions are incomplete on some pages, along with fairly vague page titles and ultimately no keyword strategy means there is plenty room to improve their SEO foundation.

TempoIQ Wrap Up

Starts up move fast in one direction and then change that direction even quicker. However, these tactics and strategies listed are just some of the answers to solidify a foundation strong enough and flexible enough to evolve fast enough for a start up like TemoIQ.


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