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2016: A Year in Review

What did I do in 2016?
I read some books, tried to eat healthier and workout more. I did all of the things we all say we will do every year to make our lives better, but these are some of the highlights.
I left one job for another job only to end up at another job by the end of the year. This time, I think I found a great place to do all the things I have always wanted to do and work with a great team from top to bottom and sideways.
I found out I am going to be an uncle again with both my brothers and sisters-in-law getting ready to welcome their second children in this world.
I had t-shirts with my face on it made and worn by some great friends for a bachelor party and a wild night.
I have consistently been mediocre in my family’s fantasy sports season.
I watched my father outrun people 10 years his junior in ultimate frisbee. He did it a handful of times, but once he gets rolling, better move out of the way.
I witnessed John and Courtney get married, which was incredible.
I rode white water rapids in the Grand Canyon and only fell into the river twice.
I found out that you can’t see your family and friends enough in a year.
I also discovered that getting married to Claire Jolly Volenik is easily the greatest thing I will ever do.
From the days before the wedding, the amazing recital dinner my parents threw, to the actual wedding day and the Cubs game the next day, I can’t think of a better 4 day stint in my life.
It will be hard to top it. But I know I will try to do better next year and you all will try with me.
Here’s to 2017.

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